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Ibiza Soca Festival 2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Nerves were on me. Dunno why. My first holiday with friends in years. I went on holiday with my man once. He wasn’t my man no more. Went on holiday with my friend once. She ain't my friend no more. That must be why the nerves were setting in LOL! Having been back in LDN for the past too many months, this vacay was needed! I decided to use my AirMiles to add some extra days to my trip for a much needed rest, after the long weekend of jump up.


Ibiza, We Reach!

I rolled out on Wednesday. Yes, my flight was Thursday morning. However, as the Littlest Hobo that I am, being able to take an 8.30am flight from an airport that really shouldn’t have London attached to its name, cause it’s that far from anywhere, wasn’t gonna happen. So I went to the airport and slept. Yep. I slept at the airport. I’ve done it before. Wet wipes, deodorant and a change of clothes at the ready. I found myself a seat and kipped. Stansted airport is like a homeless shelter. The place is packed with people sleeping everywhere. You could barely see Costa Coffee with the amount of people and bags parked up.

I flew Jet2.com for the first time. I think they’re fairly new. Nice clean aircraft. Everything looked new. Even the staff uniform looked like it just came out of the packet from HR. As soon as I sat on the plane, I slept till landing.


The weather in Ibiza was delicious! We stayed at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. That’s where the heart of the festival was. Wednesday was for the die hard’s with a pre-event party. But the main kick off day was Thursday, when the masses flocked in. Dropped bags took a shower and we walked. Had my first ever Cava Sangria at the Buddha Restaurant on the beachfront. Along with a Thai green chicken curry and rice. Delicious! Ibiza is expensive, just so you know. The £ to the € is pretty much 1-1, however, what you buy for £1 in UK will probably cost €3!



Waiting on that food...


Cava Sangria :)


Fete, after fete, after fete, after fete, after fete. Did I say, fete after fete!? 11 fetes over 5 days. No rest for the fetter!!! Before arrival, I had been running around like a mad woman for the Fest to get my outfits for the many themed nights. I quickly got to the point of improvise and make do!

First fete was “Tribal Invasion”. That was not on my radar, but I just so happen to have a playsuit that was somewhat tribal. It worked. There were some really nice outfits in the place. Most people had on some semblance of African attire, Black Panther costume, Kente cloth, headwrap, royal attire. It was lovely to see. It was a hot soca fete after all, inside one of Ibiza’s premier venues, Club Eden, so there would only be so much garb one could wuk up in. It was an OK opening night. Nothing to write home about. Although it did go on till 6am, thereabouts and the Breakfast/Break Fete started at 8am. That did not see me. After all there was no breakfast. Oh, my bad, it was on sale. Boo!

We slept and went to a restaurant just by the boat dock just off the strip. Food was good. Spanish omelette with aioli, spicy chicken wrap and fries.


Time for the boat party. Unfortunately, the Silent Soca Party, hosted by International Stephen, the headline DJ, was on at the same time. Which was a real faux pas for ISF. I would have liked to have gone to that, but with 1500 people at the event and 3 boats, there were plenty of people there. I heard good things about.

Last minute boat party ticketed snapped up by Lauren on the final boat, as all three were sold out. I wasn’t missing that. Boat 1, hosted by Just Vibes, had good music, however the actual boat was a disused transportation vehicle, which made dancing limited and no one was allowed to stand on the chairs for safety reasons. So most people were pretty pissed by that. Didn’t hear much about Boat 2, which was hosted by DJ Bones. We were on Boat 3 hosted by RDR and DJ Spice. They played so well! No outside drinks were allowed on the boat (or any event or club, but we ladies know how to sneak things in, so we did, for the whole weekend lol!). Two glasses of complimentary sangria were given out to all attendees upon arrival. But most of those got left on the table or used as a chaser. It wasn’t strong at all! I danced hard. Those who wanted to kick back and catch up with people, did and the sunset across San Antonio Bay was beautiful. All props to RDR for always mixing it up and not joining the “Repeat Tunes Posse”.


Boat Party fetting as the sun sets


The event I was looking forward to was the Slumber Soca Party - PJ and Lingerie Wear. Ooh! I went out of my way to make sure I found myself a good outfit for this one. It’s soca after all. Near nakedness is commonplace (although, it’s not a prerequisite), so I thought I’d be right at home with my lingerie. Got myself a cute black lace, long sleeve teddy from Ann Summers. On the average bum, it doesn't fit like a thong. My bum isn’t average, so you know… I wore some fishnet tights and a hot pink satin robe, to match my pink wedges. FIRE! (I didn’t get any full length pics. Not smart!) Anyway, I was all vibes. The event was held at Es Paradis https://www.esparadis.com/. Nice, modern venue with a touch of Rome. Got there nice and early, bumped into some long time friends and proceeded to enjoy the night. So there I was, one of maybe 5 other women who was wearing lingerie or dressed sexy. But they didn’t take it to the levels I took it to #justsaying… apart from the lady who had her cheeks out lol. That would have been me had I not been wearing fishnets and my robe! Anyway it was a nice night. Not a stand out thing. But the R&B slow jam set that closed the night, was special. It’s always good to see people make an effort when it comes to a theme night. Ladies did the modest cute thing and guys did the PJ’s and robes.

You should have seen the back of that outfit ;)


Saturday was the All White Pool Party - Pure Nirvana at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Right downstairs. This event was more of a concert, than a party. Pool party really should not have been in the event title to be honest. Yes, there’s a pool at the hotel and yes it was at the location. However, the event was held on the other side of the pool. So the pool was behind the stage and we guests were not partying nowhere near it. Bummer! Anyway, Patrice Roberts out of T&T, Wuss Ways representing Grenada, Asa Banton from Dominica, V’hgn also from Grenada and Marzville out of Barbados took to the stage. Who all performed really well! Asa Banton really made the crowd “Do Something Crazy” - his hit tune. There were inflatable objects flying through the air and when the ravers grabbed their inflatable gnomes, palm trees, beach balls, the crowd made their way to the pool! Singing and dancing to Do Something Crazy. That didn't go down well with security and staging staff. But hey, Asa brought the vibes. The crowd was a bit dry outside of that. I was disappointed. I found out later on that there had been some sound issues. I was near the front so I was oblivious to it. Turns out that the speakers were not working correctly at the back.


The White Party






So on to the evening event. The Ultimate Water and Paint Party held at Es Paradis. A water party held indoors. It took a while to warm up, THEN… taps switched on and water filled up the amphitheatre style venue. It was amazing! Waist high water, soca music and vibes. That was my favourite event.

In di Water
The Ultimate Water Fete


In Di Water!!




Sunday we skipped the Dance with D Class and went to the Cala Gracio beach, 10 minutes walk from the hotel and had the best seafood paella. We came back and got ready for the Ibiza Carnival event at Ibiza Rocks. I did not have a carnival costume, so I had to improvise my outfit, it worked for me . This event was kinda so, so, initially. It was obvious that fatigue was setting in with the crowd. International Stephen hosted. AND THEN… he introduced, to the absolute surprise of everyone, MACHEL MONTANO!!! OMG!!!! The crowd erupted!!! He sang tune after tune. Skinny Fabulous jumped on stage to perform their mega hit Famalay. Everyone was on a high and stayed that way until hours after the event ended. It was by far the best event (close rival to the water party for me).


Big Up Release D Riddim


He says "I bet a lot of men were whining on you today." I say no and chuckle...
The initial conversation...


And then...




That night was the Black Rave at Club Eden. By the time this rave came about, I was standing up sleeping in the place. I’m one for “dumping” your jacket in a safe spot when I get to the rave. Hey, why spend on the cloakroom only to spend the longest time at the end of the night in the queue to collect it. If I don’t have to check it, I wont. So, me and the ladies get to the Black UV Fete we’ve sneaked our drinks in as per usual, found a quiet spot upstairs in the club and tucked our jackets there. Hours later, I had a random dream, whilst in the rave. I’m raving away. Sort of. The dream - I went to collect my jacket it’s not there. I’m pissed! I ask around, security is no help. I get back to the hotel and I see someone wearing my shit. My jacket was a distinctive baby pink fuzzy warm biker style jacket. I confront the woman and she gives me attitude and tells me its her coat, security gave it to her. It gets heated. Anywho, fast forward to reality. We’re raving. It’s now time to go. The dream has come true. Turns out that the ladies jackets are missing and mine was found by security in the toilets. The ladies end up being given someone else’s jacket to leave with. We get back to Ibiza Rocks, confrontation with the jacket owner ensues! It gets resolved and we’re all on the same page, security were fucked up! Shit went missing, they didn’t give a damn and wanted people out of the venue and did so with every aggression possible. The Black Fete was uneventful. It was just another rave, with the same music and we were wearing black. The same artists we had already seen, performing the same songs, performed again. It was a missable event, in my opinion.



Monday, the final day! Packed and ready to leave Ibiza Rocks, I checked into the Invisa Hotel for my 3 additional nights which was filled with rest and rest and more rest. Which was exactly what I did as well as a bit of sightseeing of the old town, the beach and enjoying inclusive food and dare I say it alcohol. Met some new people, who had also been at #ISF and was also enjoying some post fetting R&R. Before all of that was the final fete - Enchanted Under the Sea at the O Beach. A beautiful venue. Indoor/outdoor pool with sun loungers and VIP areas. We got there early booked our loungers, took our pics ordered our expensive drinks and took in the vibes. Part luxury lime, part fete. All good. A real icing on the cake to end the festival. It was an early finish at 10pm. As the after, after #ISF2019 party started at 11pm. That did not see me! I was done. I was totally knackered. But all in all #ISF2019 was good. Not epic, for me but good. A strong 6.5/10.


Those drink prices are hilarious!!




Ibiza Angels

2020 is already being advertised! Not mention the reunion boat party taking place in July is close to sold out!

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