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Happy Anniversary!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The first of many...

Photo by Sharon Harris
The Leaving Do


Today sees me reminiscing on the start of my big world adventure. One year ago...

So, I'm one of them creative peeps who really need’s a reality “box” from time to time. Rather than share my creativity, I’m forever sitting on it. No more I say! I made a vow to myself that my travels would entail blogging, podcasting, instagramming, book writing, singing, laptop living, the works. Well, thus far, the instagramming is on and popping (I could do with posting more often), laptop living is in the works, the podcast is up and running. The book is well underway. Very proud of me. As for the singing, I made an attempt… self sabotage and fear of success is real shit round here. "Dragon-slayer Shaz, where are you?" I clicked my heels together, she hasn’t arrived yet...


The world is my oyster


I kissed my loved ones goodbye, packed my bags and boarded a plane on route to see the world. Scared and excited. I couldn't even sleep that night. I couldn't believe my biggest dream was about to come true. Enough of the blah, blah, blah, preamble, what’s this “Hot Foot Roams” malarkey? There’s a Caribbean saying (I’m Caribbean) “from yuh cyan keep still, yuh foot mussi hot”, I paraphrase. Sharon Harris is my name, hot-footing is my game. I decided in 2018 I’m gonna go forth and fulfil my dream of travelling. So, I sold it all, flat, stuff, car. Gone! What I really, really, wanted/needed to keep, is in storage and with 2 of my dear friends. Both of whom have offered me a place to stay, IF I should return back “home”. I lived in the UK, London to be precise and I am every bit of a city chic. London has many pluses: nightlife, sites, every human from across the globe lives there. The freebie events and festivals, easy access to anything and everything, the parks and green spaces, ease of travel in and out of the city and the rest of the country, Europe and the world. Yeah, that’s great. I was insanely bored of the same old same old same. Work, bills, debt, same raving, same tired people, work, bills debt, same, same, SAME! I was done!!! I’ve dreamt of travelling the world since I was 10 years old. “Wish You Were Here” with Judith Chalmers was my favourite programme (Rough Guide came later). That old lady went everywhere! If the old white lady can go everywhere, why can’t this little Black girl go everywhere? Well, nobody around me really went anywhere. France shopping trips by boat with the church or the community centre, where most of your time is spent on the coach, was a popular option. Although, most people went back to their family home in Africa and the Caribbean, that was a frequent thing. Then there was the occasional trip to the USA or Canada. But people were back within weeks, cause everyone had work and or school. So it was a tiny bit of newness in the pool of sameness, that got washed away as quickly as it was added. I was one of those people, so I’m talking about what I saw, experienced and know.


See ya!


Fast forward to 40 something, no kids, no husband, no responsibility. Shiiiiiit, I’m outta of here. It took over a year to get on the plane. Life kept getting in the way. Until you put your foot down and say you’re going and make it happen, life WILL continue to “get in the way”. That’s life’s nature, to keep rolling until you create a new course for the river to flow. So I did. New Years Eve 31st December 2017, I bought my ticket, one-way to Brasil. Oh I had been procrastinating for weeks! Daily, I was being asked “when are you going?”, “where are you going?”, which was doing my head in! I just hadn’t decided and I knew, it was time to decide. I had sold everything and was staying with my friend and her daughter. Which was a beautiful gift, but I couldn’t do that forever. I was too used to having my own home and that just wasn’t the plan, travelling was. I booked one weeks hotel stay in Lima, Rio and that was all I had. I didn’t know a soul. I barely read about Rio, Brasil. I did that on purpose. I wanted to embrace the experience as it came and not contrive it based on what the books or blogs say. In fact, I approached it like I did in London. I don’t know everywhere in London, but most of what I know and have experienced, I just rocked up and figured it out. A word of advice: keep that to yourself. People will put their fears on you and you don’t need that shit at all! The reality of turning up in a foreign country, where you don’t know the language (no I don’t speak Portuguese (I attempted to learn, didn’t get very far) nor do I speak Spanish), you don’t know anyone, you’re fingers and toes and everything else is crossed that the hotel you booked online looks like it does online and you hope that you’re not in the middle of nowhere next to nothing in the heart of an unsavoury area. That shit will dawn on you. Then if you tell anybody, “I’m just gonna play by it by ear and take it as it comes”; brace yourself for "Oh My God" Followed by tears, followed by "I’m scared" (as in they are scared for you... but really themselves). "I’m worried" (same as I'm scared). "Call me everyday". "What are you gonna do??" "ARE YOU MAD?" and the rest of it… I say, Boooooo to that!!!!!



So, on January 24th 2018, my Mum’s birthday, my flight is booked for Rio de Janeiro from Gatwick Airport. My best friend offered to drive me to the station to catch the Gatwick Express. I was gonna just catch the local train which takes twice as long for half the price, but hell, halfway to the station, I realised I missed my flight. By a whole hour! I had the wrong time programmed in my head. I had a completely different time in my head for weeks. Something said to me, wait lemme just check, cause I had a feeling, I’m late. I’ve been the late friend for many years. I’ve never missed a flight. Weddings, christenings, funerals, job interviews, coach, train, oh yeah! Flight, no. I’ve never even had an announcement for “Sharon Harris final boarding call” no not me. Got to the airport, oh I missed that shit good and proper. I had to pay £250 almost half the price of my ticket and it was now going to take me 24 hrs to get to Rio. But I made it!!!! #keeproamingpeople #hotfootroams #travel #blackandabroad #wanderlust #goexplore #roamtheplanet #travelbloggers #bloglife #theworldisyours #solotravel


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